Pure Distilled Country Music

Jim Faddis, Cort Armstrong, Rick Meade and John Pyles collaborate in an acoustic quartet that puts singing at the forefront of their sound. A very simple and distinctive instrumentation accompanies the band’s smooth vocal sound and brings the songs they perform to life. Like a fine whiskey, Farmstrong’s sound is pure distilled magic.  Farmstrong taps deep into the roots of the bluegrass and country musical genres, as it reaches beyond the surface to a vast array of American roots based music, from folk and rock, to Motown and blues.

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Farmstrong performs at music festivals, community concerts, house concerts, private parties, weddings, and even occasionally at bars and restaurants.  For booking inquiries or questions, use our contact form.

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What are people saying about Farmstrong? Here is what Colby said: 

“Thank you for the CD!  I am a huge fan and i can imagine the CD doesn’t do y’all any justice.  I would love to see you guys live.  I am gonna try to plan a trip in the summer.   Such an excellent CD from Blue Nights,  Search your heart, Stagger Lee, Lonesome Fugitive, The old Crossroads and so on!  No one can perform “Walls of time” like Farmstrong.  No one, Not Peter Rowan, Skaggs or anyone else.  No offense to those guys but y’all crush “Walls of Time”.  For the record….i have all 3 of the FarmStrong CD’s.  I like to take my time with music plus I really like the “Live at Dungeness” CD.”

Rich from Horsefly, BC says: “I got them today and have listened to both of them.  Great job.  I enjoyed every cut . Do you have any more in the works? If you do, let me know because i will buy anything you record.”