Monthly Archives: January 2014

New Look for a New Band of Old Guys

FarmStrong brings together some well worn musicians with a lot more music performance experience than high-tech savvy.  Defying the odds, we’ve created a new website here, using WordPress blogging software as our platform.  It seemed appropriate to actually include a blog as well, so that you can hear all of our incredibly interesting ramblings about songs we’re playing, fun band episodes, projects we’re working on, and stories about life on the road.

Yes, we hope to hit the road this year.  Not a lot, but some.  We’re headed to Portland in April for the Eastside Bluegrass Series (, as well as a few other concerts. And we’re planning a longer tour in October, hopefully covering from east of the Cascades to down in the SF Bay Area, for the Folk Alliance – FAR West Conference. More about that as that takes shape.

We’ll have more info on the site soon, including video, photographs, and a downloadable press kit for those of you nice folks who are considering hiring us for your event. Please let us know what you think, including what you’d like to see. We’ll have an email form here soon, but for now, just message us through our Facebook page (

Hope to see y’all at a show soon!