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FarmStrong Live In DungenessFarmStrong “Live In Dungeness – The Summer Sessions” (2013) is available by special order. Please scroll to the bottom of this page to fill out the order form. This CS is also available at our live shows. We hope to see you at one soon!

Goodnight Irene – All 3 singers take a verse on this old classic sing-along, and the studio audience is also joining in!
Highway Of Regret – Cort Armstrong sings lead on a Stanley Brothers classic.
Hello In There – Rick Meade sings a touching John Prine song.
Walls Of Time – Jim Faddis sings a great Bill Monroe / Peter Rowan song. This is a FarmStrong arrangement!
You’re Still On My Mind – A George Jones classic, sung by Cort Armstrong.
Poor Man – Jim Faddis sings a real old-timey blues.
Say Won’t You Be Mine – Cort Armstrong sings lead on this wonderful Stanley Brothers song.
Lonesome Fugitive – Rick Meade sings a Merle Haggard classic.
If I Be Lifted Up – A beautiful monroe bluegrass gospel, with lead vocals by Jim Faddis.
Rambling Letters – Jim Faddis sings a Clinch Mountain favorite.
The Old Crossroads – Spooky classic Bill Monroe bluegrass gospel, with Cort Armstrong on lead vocals.
Stagger Lee – A very traditional song, sung in a very Jim Faddis way.
Cakewalk Into Town – A very FarmStrong arrangement of a classic Taj Mahal song, sung by Jim Faddis.
Please Search Your Heart – A fantastic Doyle Lawson song, with Rick Meade on lead vocals.
God Gave You To Me – FarmStrong tackles a classic Stanley Brothers song, with Cort Armstrong singing lead.
Blue Night – FarmStrong performs a slightly re-arranged version of a Bill Monroe classic, Blue Night, with Jim Faddis on lead vocals.

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