Cort Armstrong

MarkSaran_CortIt is Cort Armstrong’s unique style of thumb-driven guitar picking, reminiscent of Merle Travis, which has tied together the many styles of music he performs, from country blues to bluegrass.  However, Armstrong’s voice has tempered through the years, and is a big part of his ability to bring songs to life.  His harmony signing sensibilities reflect a lifelong passion, and Armstrong’s connection to the soul of the Appalachian Mountains contributes to a vocal blend with Faddis and Rick Meade that is hard to beat.


  • Blue Rooster – “Sweet Booty Biscuit”
  • Blue Rooster – “My Heart Is Fixed”
  • Blue Rooster – “Twelve Sticks”
  • Cort Armstrong – “Chicken Pickin’”
  • Cort & Kia Armstrong – “Live In Dungeness”
  • FarmStrong – “Live In Dungeness – The Summer Sessions”
  • FarmStrong – “Forever”
  • The Sweet Evangelines – “The Sweet Evangelines”
  • FarmStrong – “Don’t Go Down That Road”
  • FarmStrong – “FarmStrong 4”

 Other Current & Past Bands

  • Sweet Booty Biscuit
  • Blue Rooster
  • Janglebones
  • Armstrong Lawton Katz
  • Korakana
  • Chicken Fried Swing
  • Horse & Plow