Jim Faddis

Jim Faddis

photo by Mark Saran

At the heart FarmStrong, Jim Faddis’ soulful voice strikes a chord deep within audience members, and resonates a musical memory of long ago.  His former bluegrass band, Prairie Flyer,  fired up the Washington State bluegrass scene for years, and is a reflection of Faddis’ talent and skill in driving a very talented group.  Faddis’ gift for songwriting and his songster ways shine in FarmStrong, where he leans on styles from Gillian Welch to Neil Young for inspiration, making new and old tunes, his own.


  • The Barley Brothers –  “Incident at Hangman Creek”
  • The Barley Brothers / Prairie Flyer – “Goin’ To Town”
  • Prairie Flyer – “Prairie Flyer”
  • Prairie Flyer – “Selkirk Serenade”
  • Prairie Flyer – “On the Right Track” (gospel)
  • Prairie Flyer – “Just An Old Dog”
  • Prairie Flyer – “Roll On”
  • Jim Faddis – “One More Ride”
  • Jim Faddis – “In My Dreams”
  • FarmStrong – “Live In Dungeness – The Summer Sessions”
  • FarmStrong – “Forever”
  • FarmStrong – “Don’t Go Down That Road”
  • FarmStrong – “FarmStrong 4”

 Other Current & Past Bands

  • Headman Cross
  • Barley Brothers
  • Prairie Flyer
  • Jim Faddis & One More Ride
  • Horse & Plow


Review of “One More Ride” – https://iaanhughes.com/2011/01/16/one-more-ride-jim-faddis/