John Pyles

John Pyles

photo by Mark Saran

John Pyles brings so much more to the band than just top-notch bass playing, as his sense for song construction, vocal harmonies and instrumental arrangements has been a driving force in helping guide the band’s very natural song development process.  John’s 50 year pursuit of bluegrass music and bass playing forms a firm foundation for FarmStrong’s sound.


  • Sierra Studebakers (2 albums)
  • Runaway Train, “No Brakes”
  • Farmstrong – “Live In Dungeness – The Summer Sessions”
  • Farmstrong – “Forever”
  • Farmstrong – “Don’t Go Down That Road”
  • Farmstrong – “Farmstrong 4”

 Other Current & Past Bands

  • Sierra Studebakers
  • Runaway Train
  • Timberland Ridge & Blackjack Creek